Why I Like Sea Animals:)

The only reason why I like sea animals is because, when I was just a little girl my mom and I always liked looking for turtles ALL the time!! So can you guess what my favorite animal is?:) If you got turtle then your right! So right now I will be talking about how they live and what they do!!

Okay, so mostly sea turtles live in the sea, but other turtles live in lakes or rivers there are different kinds of turtles there are snapping turtles,sea turtles,and more!! Now usually when you get to close to a turtle they might get scared and just go under water,right??But! I have a little trick,if you love or just like turtles and you don’t want them to get scared you just got to be patient, and grab like some grass but if your looking at a snapping turtle then you got to be really careful if you want to have a snapping turtle!! Mostly you would already know that a turtles home is alway’s in it’s shell:) And how I figured that out is because I was learning hard at school in science reading a big science book:P but now I would like to tell you something else instead of just talking about turtles.

Lets talk about……FISH!! Ok now fishing is part of catching fish, now you would already know about fishing and I still go fishing with my grandpa and my younger brother Ocean, I know….It’s a cool name to me, for my brother:P he’s actually a very good fisher man too!! There are northern pikes which live in BIG lakes! And sometimes live in deeper areas, and other fish that are really BIG!! But yeah It’s really fun to hang out with friends and family to have a good memory of blogging.:P



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